BHS Mobile Showrooms Bring Warehouse and Battery Handling Equipment to You

Business owners know that their warehouses can only succeed with the right material handling and battery changing equipment, and they'll definitely want firsthand experience with any potential investment before signing the deal. But what can these valued customers do when dealers don't have a full line of products on hand in the immediate area?

Thanks to BHS Mobile Showrooms, the answer is simple. All facility managers or dealers need to do is visit this page to schedule a visit from one or both of BHS, Inc.'s touring equipment trucks. This leading manufacturer of material handling products will send a complete collection of forklift battery handling or warehouse equipment, bringing the showroom floor directly to a customer's facility or the dealer's sales outlet.

Choose from two different options: The BHS Battery Handling Equipment Mobile Showroom or the BHS Warehouse Equipment Mobile Showroom. Here's what you can expect to find — and try out yourself — on each of the trailers.

The BHS Warehouse Equipment Mobile Showroom

This varied collection of material handling equipment from BHS, Inc. comes pre-mounted on a 48-foot trailer, complete with its own generator, so you can experience the benefits just about anywhere. It includes the following BHS products, along with expert trainers on the equipment who can answer any questions and guide you through your firsthand experience:

All of this equipment is fully functional. These are not mock-ups. They're not models. They are actual, ready-to-use pieces of BHS material handling equipment that you can experience yourself — and that you can show to your customers and sales staff.

The BHS Battery Handling Equipment Mobile Showroom

Customers that run electric warehouses need battery handling equipment to safely and efficiently change out batteries, shift after shift. BHS has been providing leading solutions for forklift battery users since 1979, and they continue to craft new products at their 138,000-square- foot manufacturing facility based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Battery Handling Equipment Mobile Showroom demonstrates this equipment anywhere within the contiguous United States.

This 53-foot self-powered trailer contains the following examples of BHS battery handling equipment for operations that run electric forklifts:

BHS Mobile Showrooms for Battery Handling and Warehouse Equipment Dealers

BHS maintains an ongoing and robust relationship with its dealers. The BHS dealer network is international, and it grows continually. BHS is committed to thorough support for their dealers, from comprehensive training for sales staff to hands-on services like the Mobile Showrooms.

There's no better way to prepare sales staff for answering client questions about equipment than to give them direct training on the equipment in question. Similarly, no sales pitch is as effective as inviting a customer to try out the battery changers and material handling solutions that BHS provides.

To schedule a visit from either of the BHS Mobile Showrooms, click here, or call the BHS Sales Team at 1.800.BHS.9500.