Battery Watering Devices

Facilities that use lead-acid batteries to power their forklifts must perform regular battery watering as a necessary part of regular maintenance, and keeping electrolyte at optimal levels requires precision. Over-watering runs the risk of boil-overs during the charging process. Neglecting to water or under-watering exposes plates to the air, causing dry cell and permanent loss of battery capacity.

Avoid these costly mistakes by training staff to water forklift batteries. They'll also need the right equipment for the job. BHS offers a complete line of battery watering devices to match watering systems to fleet size and requirements. Whether you plan to water forklift batteries by hand or with an automated system, BHS equipment helps staff efficiently deliver water with control and accuracy to help get the most out of battery investments.

Extend Battery Life With Forklift Battery Watering Systems

Every time a forklift battery boils over, it loses a percentage of its total runtime. When low electrolyte exposes plates to the air, those plates permanently lose some capacity. An investment in precise battery watering helps to prevent these costly effects.

An overly simple methods — like having workers add water from a jug — may seem like a money saver, but in the long run, the lack of precision when filling batteries causes more expenses. For smaller fleets, investing in an easily maneuverable Water Cart and Water Gun makes battery watering quick and safe. Injury risks from splashes and boil-overs decrease when using the advanced technology of Water Guns. For larger fleets, the Integrated Watering System saves labor and extends battery life by automatically watering batteries after they receive a full charge.

Learn More About BHS Battery Watering Systems

Extend the life of lift truck investments with dedicated watering technology designed for forklift batteries. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to find out how you can integrate BHS Battery Watering Devices into your battery room.

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