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Personal safety is paramount when working with industrial batteries. BHS offers a wide range of products to keep employees safe and maintain compliance with today’s strict safety regulations. Our various models and kits ensure that you’ll be able to install the appropriate safety equipment no matter where you need it.

To find out more about personal safety products for your battery room, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Find the Safety Equipment That Fits Your Battery Room

BHS offers a wide range of safety equipment to protect staff from battery acid and other dangerous substances. It’s important to keep protective equipment in the area where a spill or accident is most likely to occur. That’s why BHS offers its eye wash kits in various formats.

The Wall Mounted Eye Wash is essential for a battery room, as it gives immediate relief to an affected employee. If wallspace is hard to come by, the Pedestal Mounted Eye Wash ensures that employees still have quick access to this important safety equipment.

For areas that don't have plumbing, the Portable Eye Wash is the best option. This entirely self-contained 16-gallon tank system ensures that your staff has access to the appropriate emergency equipment anywhere in the facility.

Personal Protective Kits Protect Employees from Harm

Working with electrolyte can be a hazardous task. Leaks and spills of corrosive chemicals require specialized safety equipment. The BHS Personal Protective Kit comes with the necessary equipment to keep your employees safe during routine watering and changing of batteries as well as cleaning and neutralizing battery acid spills.

Depending on the job, a Chemical Splash Face Shield or Chemical Splash Goggles will protect the most vulnerable parts of an employee's body. An acid protection apron guards the clothes and torso. Neoprene gloves and HAZ-MAT boots round out the kit.

The Battery Emergency Station is a comprehensive solution for responding to battery spills. This all-in-one safety kit helps warehouses comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations by giving employees everything they need to protect themselves from spilled electrolyte. The station has a Portable Eye Wash, which does not require plumbing, as well as a Protective Kit and Spill Kit Cabinet. It includes everything necessary to contain and clean up an industrial battery spill.

Find Out More About Safety Equipment for Battery Rooms

For more in-depth information, click on any of the products and download a detailed PDF from the product page. To speak to sales staff or find a dealer, call 1.800.BHS.9500.

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