Battery Extraction

Electric forklifts belong in the aisles, not stranded in the battery room. That’s why BHS, Inc. provides battery extraction equipment that allows a single operator to safely change batteries in minutes (or even a single minute in some cases).

Whether you run a fleet of five lift trucks or 500, BHS offers battery handling solutions that measurably improve throughput while protecting workers from battery-handling hazards. Learn more by calling BHS at 1.800.BHS.9500 today.

Battery Extraction Equipment Selection Guide

Here’s some initial guidance on finding the ideal battery extraction solution, whether you access lift truck batteries through a side panel or a vertical-extraction compartment.

Side Extraction

Many lift trucks provide battery access through a side-access compartment. Side-extraction solutions from BHS are loaded with safety features for fast and reliable change-outs every time.  


Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

Access batteries in System Stands up to four levels high with our flagship battery handling solution, complete with embedded sensors and cloud connectivity for IIoT integration. Ideal for fleets of all sizes.


Battery Carts & Carriages

Mobile solutions for quick, safe, on-the-spot battery transfers, mounted on a pallet jack or pushed by hand. For light picker applications or fewer battery changes per day (1-50), Battery Carts & Carriages may be the right choice.

Overhead Extraction

Some industrial trucks require vertical battery extraction. Lifting devices from BHS are designed specifically for this task, with safety always the top priority.

Portable Gantry Cranes

Choose between power-drive and manual floor travel, with modular design for ongoing system expansion.

Battery Lifting Devices

Complete your overhead battery handling system with specialized accessories, including the best-selling BHS Battery Lifting Beam.

To discuss your battery handling needs in more detail, contact the BHS sales team.

Creating an Advanced Battery Handling System

Battery extraction systems are the backbone of any battery room — itself the heart of your material handling operation. But battery extractors don’t operate in isolation. They must work in concert with the infrastructure of their surrounding battery room, from battery racks to wash equipment to safety systems. 

When choosing battery extraction equipment, start by examining your existing battery change-out area; or consider redesigning the entire system to save space, improve lift truck efficiency, and prepare for the next stage of business growth.

BHS doesn’t just offer battery extractors; we build total battery handling solutions, including full battery rooms from scratch. That may include everything from ultraflat, acid-resistant Epoxy Flooring to Battery Stands to OSHA-compliant Ventilation Systems — plus all the Wash, Watering, and Spill Response equipment you need to maximize value in your forklift fleet.

Need help getting more out of your battery resources? Contact the experts at BHS to start the conversation.

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