Single Side Battery Extractor

The BHS Single Side Battery Extractor (BE-SS) is the ideal forklift battery changer for facilities with floor-level system stands and space at the end of the aisle.

Forklift Battery Handling Solutions for Light- to Mid-Sized Fleets

The BHS Single Side Battery Extractor (BE-SS) is the ideal forklift battery changer for facilities with floor-level system stands and space at the end of the aisle. The BE-SS shares the tough steel construction that makes the entire line of BHS Battery Extractors a dependable option for everyday use, and its fully hydraulic motive systems ensure a lifetime of stress-free battery change-outs.

Every BHS Battery Extractor improves efficiency in battery room processes, and the BE-SS achieves remarkably fast battery changes with track-mounted floor travel and an 8-inch urethane drive wheel. A hydraulic extractor arm tugs batteries out of forklift compartments with 1,000 pounds of vacuum-gripped draw bar pull. Magnetic extractors are also available for batteries with a narrower profile. The Single Side Battery Extractor’s roller bed protects battery cases from excessive wear and reduces stress on mechanical components.

These features allow the BE-SS to change batteries efficiently while providing important ergonomic benefits to operators. The BE-SS also protects staff with a range of additional safety features, including:

  • Operator Control Console Placement – This operator-aboard battery changer positions the platform and controls at the rear of the vehicle. This gives operators an unobstructed view of all battery changing processes, improving safety and productivity.
  • Staff-Friendly Working Surfaces – Operator platforms include Anti-Fatigue Mats, which further improve ergonomics. A thick PVC sponge surface improves traction, preventing slips as operators step into and out of the battery extractor.
  • Pedestrian Warning Options – The BE-SS can be fitted with alarms, strobe lights, and even a full Safety Scanner system to ensure that all battery room staff are protected. Alarms and strobes activated whenever the machine operates, clearly notifying staff of the travel path. The BHS Safety Scanner (BE-SICK) integrates into the travel system, automatically stopping movement if it senses a pedestrian in the way.
  • Fully Enclosed Components – Exposed machinery can collect dirt and debris that obstructs operation and leads to greater maintenance requirements. Uncovered mechanical systems can also be a safety risk for operators — which is why BHE Battery Extractors do not expose any vital components. Virtually every moving part is covered to keep systems running smoothly and operators safe.

Download the PDF at the link above to explore the BHE BE-SS and the entire family of BHS Battery Extractors.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty construction for added reliability
  • Low-maintenance design reduces preventative maintenance frequency
  • No exposed components for added safety
  • Durable powder coat finish resists both acid and scratches
  • Manual control of hydraulics for easy operation
  • Vacuum extraction reduces wear and tear on batteries
  • Non-proprietary hydraulic and electrical components lower replacement part costs
  • Redesigned hydraulic system for increased flow capacities and consistent function speeds


Travel Speed

60 ft/min / 0.30 m/s

Raise - Lower Speed

8 ft/min / 0.04 m/s

Draw bar Pull / Vacuum (12” / 305 mm Round Cup)

1,000 lb / 450 kg

Draw bar Pull / Magnet

800 to 1,200 lb / 363 to 540 kg

Vacuum Attach Time

< 1 s

Vacuum Release Time

< 1 s

Input Voltage

240/480 V / 3 ph / 60Hz

AC Current Draw

5.8 / 2.9 A

Control Circuit Voltage

120 V ac

Hydraulic Power Unit

2 hp / 1.49 kW

Hydraulic Pump

2 gal/min / 7.57 L/min

Vacuum Pump

1/3 hp / 0.25 kW


21” HG / 711 mbar

Full Load Capacity

4,500 lb / 2041 kg

Weight (Empty)

2,560 lb / 1161 kg

Total Compartment Rollers


Guide Track

2” x 2.5” Angle / 51 mm x 64 mm

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

120” x 68.5” x 67.75” /

3048 mm x 1740 mm x 1721 mm

Extractor Arm Reach (Beyond Roller Bed)

9” / 228 mm

Extractor Arm Travel Speed

0 to 20 ft/min / 0 to 0.10 m/s

Wheel Base (Front to Back)

75.75” / 1924 mm

Wheel Base (Side to Side)

56.13” / 1426 mm

Battery Compartment Width

36.38” / 924 mm

Maximum Battery Dimensions (L x W x H)

45” x 35” x 36” /

1140 mm x 890 mm x 910 mm

Minimum Battery Width (w/ magnet)

6” / 155 mm

Minimum Battery Length

24” / 610 mm

Minimum Battery Height

19” / 483 mm

Roller Height

5.5” Min / 25.5” Max

140 mm Min / 647 mm Max

Note: Specifications may vary ± 5% because of temperature, floor considerations, and operator efficiency. Values represented under normal operating conditions.

Magnet Extraction (BE-MAG)
Ideal when batteries are too narrow for vacuum extraction
Audible Alarm (BE-AUDALM)
Alarm is activated while machine is in operation to notify pedestrians that the Battery Extractor is in use
Strobe Light (BE-STBLT)
Visually notifies bystanders when machine is in operation
Safety Scanner (BE-SICK)
A compact system which scans the area in front and behind the Battery Extractor to identify objects or pedestrians in its detection zone, stopping movement of the Battery Extractor upon detection
Fleet Tracker® (FLT-IIOT)
BHS Fleet Tracker is a cloud-based fleet-management system, with detailed reporting that allows users to right-size their fleets for optimal efficiency. Connection to the IIoT allows managers to measure the health of batteries, stands, and trucks by logging into a secured Web Portal. Fleet Tracker’s touchscreen HMI mounted to the Automatic Transfer Carriage guides users to charged batteries, posts maintenance reminders, and updates the status of battery assets to the cloud. The Fleet Tracker system improves battery health, improves change-out efficiency, and gives managers the real-time data they need to eliminate waste by matching assets to needs exactly.

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