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Battery room floors require strict standards of flatness and an acid-resistant topcoat. Learn more about this unique flooring technology in these posts from the archive.


  • Eliminating Lean in Forklift Battery Changers

    For operations that keep a large stock of forklift batteries, there’s no more efficient storage system than multi-tier racking. Coupled with an operator aboard industrial battery changer, system stands take advantage of vertical space to vastly reduce the battery room’s footprint, which leaves more valuable square footage for revenue-generating warehousing services. When you go vertical, though, you compound the risk... Continue Reading
  • How to Avoid Acid Damage in the Battery Room

    Forklift batteries are essentially giant tubs of acid. While you can’t prevent the occasional drip or spill, you can — and definitely should — protect your floors and equipment from the caustic effects of battery electrolyte. According to the Portland Cement Association, concrete is particularly vulnerable to acids. Acidic liquid drains into the pores in concrete and eats away at... Continue Reading
  • Your Battery Room Floor is No Place to Cut Corners

    Operator aboard industrial battery changers need a smooth, flat surface for safe travel. Unfortunately, the extractor’s travel path is exactly where batteries tend to drip electrolyte. If you have a bare concrete floor, that’s a recipe for disaster. The reason is simple: acid destroys concrete, and the sulfuric acid found in battery electrolyte compounds the problem with a corrosive sulfate... Continue Reading
  • Efficient Battery Rooms Start On The Ground Floor

    There’s one easy way to tell how efficiently a battery room is operating — just look down. Battery room floors that are pitted, cracked, or uneven can tell you a lot about the operation as a whole, and what they have to say isn’t good. For flawless battery changes every time, you really need a flawless floor in the battery... Continue Reading