Battery Lifting Devices

Electric lift trucks configured for overhead battery extraction require the battery to be lifted vertically out of the battery compartment instead of being removed from the side. In vertical extraction applications, specialized lifting equipment is needed to safely transfer batteries from the lift truck to the Hardwood Battery Stand for charging.

BHS offers a variety of durable Battery Lifting Devices that efficiently handle industrial batteries in all vertical extraction applications. Whether using an overhead bridge crane or lift truck, BHS Battery Lifting Devices offer the perfect solution to provide balance and support while handling lead-acid batteries.

To find out which Battery Lifting Device works for your operation, call our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Forklift Battery Lifting Devices for Vertical Extraction Applications

Forklift fleets configured for vertical extraction face distinct battery handling challenges. They must keep lift truck batteries balanced, supported, and flawlessly attached to gantry cranes or lift truck forks.

A simple hook attachment may allow vertical extraction, but it leaves batteries free to twist and rock, placing undue stress on lifting systems. Battery Lifting Beams from BHS are designed to support and steady lift truck batteries during change-outs.

Further complicating the situation, different batteries feature various attachment point configurations. Battery Lifting Devices from BHS offer a whole range of hook options to meet diverse battery handling demands. These options include:

  • Adjustable- or fixed-position hooks.
  • Fixed hooks for specific battery brands.
  • Swing-latch hooks.
  • Slide-latch hooks.
  • Custom designs for unique applications.

Grab Handle attachments are available for most Battery Lifting Beams, as well. These allow staff to easily control forklift batteries during change-outs.

Every battery room is unique. BHS Lifting Devices can be configured to match the distinct needs of any vertical-extraction battery handling system, and all of our equipment is manufactured in a cutting-edge facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

Choose a Forklift Battery Lifting Device for Your Battery Room

Forklift Battery Lifting Beams and Fork Attachments are integral parts of any vertical-extraction application. To learn more about which model works for you, call our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500, or download the data sheets posted on each individual product page.

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