Battery Transfer Carriages

BHS offers a complete range of manual and powered forklift Battery Transfer Carriages (BTC), which quickly and safely remove forklift batteries. These carriages are available in various models. Exclusive BHS features add durability and versatility to every carriage.

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Choosing a Forklift Battery Transfer Carriage

Forklift Battery Transfer Carriages allow users to safely remove and replace forklift batteries in fleets that are configured for side-extraction. These carriages feature a heavy-duty steel frame with a durable powder coating that prevents damage from electrolyte drips. Battery compartments are lined with spark-proof poly rollers that resist corrosive build-up and reduce friction during battery changes. Large phenolic casters have a low rolling resistance, allowing operators to position the units without an increased risk of ergonomic hazards.

Every combination of powered and manual function is available for Battery Transfer Carriages. Higher-frequency applications will benefit from the fully-powered unit, while users that only maintain one or two forklifts can save considerably with manual controls. Many battery room operators make sure to keep a BTC Winch on hand in case a forklift battery has to be removed out on the floor, far away from the established battery room.

To learn more about which model is right for your application, call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

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