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Scissor Lift Tables


The BHS Scissor Lift Table vertically positions materials at comfortable heights for improved ergonomics and productivity. Reduce physical strain, fatigue, and even injury by eliminating heavy lifting, bending, and reaching. Scissor Lift Tables are available in many standard sizes and capacities to lift and position loads weighing up to 6,000 pounds (2722 kilograms) to heights up to 72 inches (1829 millimeters). Improve safety and productivity by investing in this ergonomic equipment.

BHS offers a number of alternate tabletops for the Scissor Lift Table. Ball Transfer, Turntable, and Roller Conveyor tabletop attachments can make your operation even more effective, and they fit seamlessly with existing manufacturing processes. An Accordion Skirt Guard is available to enclose the underside of the lift table for extra protection from dirt and foreign objects.

Heavy-duty steel gives you years of reliable operation, while the included maintenance chocks let you lock the scissor lift for safety. BHS Scissor Lift Tables are an excellent choice in warehouses, auto shops, and in dozens of other applications, and we offer a variety of options to suit your facility.

Contact your BHS dealer or call 1.800.BHS.9500 for ordering information and customization options. Download the PDF at the top of this page for full specifications.

  • Available in 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb and 6,000 lb capacity (907 kg, 1814 kg, and 2722 kg) with many table widths available
  • Heavy-duty, formed steel construction for added reliability
  • 230/460 V ac / 3 ph / 60 Hz power unit standard
  • Contoured scissor legs for improved precision, travel, and stability
  • Floor mounting tabs with 0.75” (19 mm) diameter holes (anchors and hardware not included)
  • Maintenance chocks included to lock scissors
  • Full width through pivot shafts for stability throughout the travel range
  • Durable, sealed and shielded roller bearings for maximum capacity and longevity
  • Durable powder coat finish with yellow tabletop to improve visibility and safety
  • Closed hydraulic circuit
  • Heavy-duty braided wire hydraulic lines for maximum burst strength and longevity
  • Hardened chrome piston rod and honed cylinder provide added column strength and cylinder sealing
  • Equipped with thermal overload protection and velocity fuses for additional safety
  • Hydraulic components contained within the lift table for maximum safety, floor space, and convenience
  • NEMA floor toggle switch included for easily accessible up/down function control
  • Meets ANSI Standard MH29.1:2012 for Industrial Scissor Lifts
Accordion Skirt Guard (LT-ASG)*
Encloses underside of lift table, protecting the lift mechanism from dirt and foreign objects
Ball Transfer (LT-BT)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes fixed ball transfers to easily maneuver a load or for integration with other handling equipment
Loading Ramp (LT-LR)*
Ramp matches platform width and lowered height of lift table to provide ground level accessibility
Roller Conveyor (LT-RC)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes rollers for integration with other handling equipment
Turntable (LT-TT)*
Tabletop attachment rotates 360 degrees for positioning loads

* Option is bolted on for easy removal

  • LT2K-24-48 (24″ x 48″ Platform, 2,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT2K-36-48 (36″ x 48″ Platform, 2,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT2K-48-48 (48″x 48″ Platform, 2,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT4K-24-48 (24″ x 48″ Platform, 4,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT4K-36-48 (36″ x 48″ Platform, 4,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT4K-48-48 (48″ x 48″ Platform, 4,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT6K-24-48 (24″ x 48″ Platform, 6,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT6K-36-48 (36″ x 48″ Platform, 6,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT6K-48-48 (48″ x 48″ Platform, 6,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT6K-72-48 (72″ x 48″ Platform, 6,000 lb Capacity)
  • LT6K-48-72 (48″ x 72″ Platform, 6,000 lb Capacity)
  • LTD2.5K-24-53 (24″ x 53″ Platform, 2,500 lb Capacity, Dual Scissor Legs)