TT Tugger Trailers

Tugger Trailers


Tugger Trailers (TT) from BHS offer bulk transportation of materials across floors and ramps, and hitch to one another to create high-volume material-handling trains. They are a crucial component of a pick-to-cart strategy, in which order pickers fill trailers to capacity, and tuggers travel in waves to collect items in batches.

These industrial carts are ideal for order-picking applications, as a supplement or even a replacement for lift trucks. Manufacturing facilities also use Tugger Trailers to move materials from one point in the production line to the next. Rather than carrying a single load at a time, as forklifts do, trains of Tugger Trailers allow a tugger operator to transport multiple loads in a single trip.

Heavy-duty steel construction with a durable powder-coat finish make Tugger Trailers suitable for harsh industrial environments. Custom designs are available for specific applications. Call BHS at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about Tugger Trailers, or to find your local dealer.

  • Reduces order picking time by creating a pick train
  • Safe, efficient material handling for manufacturing and warehousing applications
  • Variety of steering mechanisms available for differently sized aisles
  • Travels in line behind tuggers for easier navigation
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with high load limits
  • Configurable to support any materials
  • Custom design and fabrication available
  • Durable universal tow bars and hitches
  • Suitable for manual use or hitching to a tugger
  • Heavy-duty casters in a variety of configurations for smooth or rough terrain
  • Compatible with all types of electric tuggers
Fork Pockets (TT-FP)
Fork pockets allow relocating the Tugger Trailer by lift truck to and from a worksite
  • TT-QS-2852 (Quad Steer, 28” L x 52″ W)
  • TT-QS-3660 (Quad Steer, 36” L x 60″ W)
  • TT-QS-4896 (Quad Steer, 48” L x 96″ W)
  • TT-DS-2852 (Dual Steer, 28” L x 52″ W)
  • TT-DS-3660 (Dual Steer, 36” L x 60″ W)
  • TT-DS-4896 (Dual Steer, 48” L x 96″ W)
  • TT-CS-2666 (Center Steer, 26” L x 66″ W)
  • TT-CS-3660 (Center Steer, 36” L x 60″ W)
  • TT-CS-3672 (Center Steer, 36” L x 72″ W)
  • TT-CS-5050 (Center Steer, 50” L x 50″ W)
  • TT-CS-4896 (Center Steer, 48” L x 96″ W)