Tugger Carts - Quad Steer

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Quad Steer Tugger Carts (TT-QS) provide safe and efficient material handling alone or in logistics trains.

Quad Steer Tugger Carts (TT-QS) provide safe and efficient material handling alone or in logistics trains. They can be pulled by virtually any tugger, including automated guided vehicles (AGV.) Operators can pull high-capacity pick trains comprised of multiple TT-QS units, which secure to one another with universal tow bars and hitches.

The quad-steer mechanism creates clean, reliable tracking, improving safety for tugger operators. These trailers create a predictable follow pattern behind tuggers, which frees operators to keep their attention on the path ahead. Quad-steer models can navigate tight corners and even U-turns easily.

Heavy-duty steel construction gives these units high load capacities, while a damage-resistant powder coating ensures long, dependable service life. To learn more about Quad Steer Warehouse Trailers, or to find a dealer near you, call BHS at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces order picking time by creating a pick train
  • Safe, efficient material handling for manufacturing and warehousing applications
  • Quad steering provides precise tracking fidelity and a tight turn radius
  • 2,000 lb capacity models available
  • Heavy-duty 6″ x 2″ or 8” x 2” polyurethane-on-steel casters depending on capacity
  • Phenolic or solid casters available on request
  • Heat-resistant powder coatings available on request
  • Standard units include spring-loaded auto latches
  • Custom hitches available on request
  • Travels in line behind tuggers for easier navigation
  • Configurable to support any materials
  • Compatible with all types of electric tuggers








28” / 711 mm

52” / 1321 mm

8.5" / 216 mm

2,000 lb / 907 kg

325 lb / 147 kg


36” / 914 mm

60” / 1524 mm

8.5" / 216 mm

2,000 lb / 907 kg

375 lb / 170 kg


48” / 1219 mm

96” / 2438 mm

8.5" / 216 mm

2,000 lb / 907 kg

450 lb / 204 kg

* Varies based on casters selected

Fork Pockets (TT-FP)
Fork pockets allow relocating the Tugger Cart by lift truck to and from a worksite.
Pintle Hook (TT-PH)
Exchange spring-loaded auto latches for rigid pincer-style hitches; ideal for rough terrain.
Large Poly Casters (TT-PC)
Replace 6” x 2” casters with 8” x 2” polyurethane-on-steel casters.

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.