Custom Tugger Cart, 48 x 51, Dual Steer

This custom Tugger Cart is designed to transport bulk product containers individually or in train with a tugger truck.

This is a custom variation of BHS' Tugger Carts.

Tugger Casrts transport bulk containers or skids in which product is received, eliminating the need to transfer product to different bins or carts for distribution. This custom tugger cart can haul bulk shipping crates and containers, gaylord boxes or simple skidded product to the desired point of use. Multiple carts can be hitched together to create a logistics train that when pulled by a tugger truck, delivers more product at one time.

With a folding tow bar and pintle hitch, carts can quickly and easily be uncoupled from the train and dropped off at designated workstations where the product is needed, eliminating the need for the product to be manually unloaded at the station it is to be used. Empty carts can be connected back to the train and returned to be reloaded with product for re-distribution. The cart is equipped with a sturdy push handle to manually maneuver the cart when not connected to a tugger or train.

Discuss the options for your next Tugger Cart by calling the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Features & Benefits

  • Overall Dimensions: 88.25” (2242 mm) long * x 48.5” (1232 mm) wide x 48” (1219 mm) tall
  • 65.25” (1657 mm) long with tow bar folded up
  • 48” (1219 mm) x 51” (1295 mm) usable deck area
  • 8” (203 mm) deck height
  • 2” (51 mm) tall corner lips to secure cargo
  • 1000 lb (454 kg) Capacity
  • 186 lb (84 kg) Weight
  • 24” (610 mm) long fold-up tow bar
  • Heavy duty pintle hitch keeps carts securely coupled
  • Push handle on tow bar end allows carts to be easily pushed by hand
  • Two rigid and two swivel 5" x 2" (127 mm x 51 mm) poly casters
  • Two floor locks to immobilize cart when not in use - Heavy-duty steel construction for added reliability
  • Durable powder-coat finish in Traffic Green resists rust and scratches
  • Can be customized for any application

* Overall length is with tow bar folded down in the tow position. 

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.