TT-969: Machine Guarding

Tech Tip 969: Machine GuardingModels Affected: All

Since 2010 machine guarding violations have been among OSHA’s top ten most cited violations each year. Though machine guarding typically does not enhance a machine’s effectiveness or efficiency, machine guards must remain intact and in place.


Machine guards are important for many reasons. They protect personnel from potential injury as well as protect equipment and components from damage during normal operation. In some instances guarding also serves as a structural component, critical to the integrity and operation of the machine. Many times, guarding is removed because the operator feels the guards inhibit the machine’s effectiveness or efficiency. Guards are often removed for service and not reinstalled due to a rush to return the unit to service or simply because the importance of the guarding is not realized.


Machines should not be operated without all guards properly secured in place and in good condition. Exceptions may be made temporarily for maintenance or repair purposes, but any task that includes removing a guard should also include reinstallation of the guard.


If any guards are found to be damaged, or you suspect you may be missing guards on your BHS equipment, replacements are available. Contact us at the numbers below to determine the correct part numbers for your requirements.

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