Reels for Narrow Parallel Reel Payout

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These narrow reels are ideal for use with PRP-N Reel Stands, which hold up to five independently spinning reels, or these items can be ordered together as one unit—the Narrow Parallel Reel Payout (PRP-N).

BHS PRP-N Reels are designed to store cable, wire, rope, hose, or tubing without tangling, and are available in a variety of compartment configurations and compartment widths. These narrow reel models are ideal for use with Reel Stands.

Reels are constructed from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coat finish to give them added reliability and durability. All compartments have predrilled arbor holes to accommodate a wide variety of wire gauges (0.75 inches to 1.12 inches). Hub plates feature through-holes to allow locking multiple compartments together.

Narrow Reel Payout is available in 6 different configurations with one to five compartments. With custom sizes available, you can fine tune a reel stand to fit your needs perfectly.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for added reliability
  • 44.75″ (1137 mm) diameter
  • Compartments have predrilled arbor holes to accommodate a variety of wire gauges (0.75”–1.12”)
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • 0.5″ (13 mm) hub plates for maximum capacity
  • Hub plates feature through holes for locking multiple compartments together






1 compartment reel


5.5” / 140 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm


1 compartment reel

|- - - -|

17.5” / 445 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm


2 compartment reel


9.5” / 241 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm


3 compartment reel


13.5” / 343 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm


4 compartment reel


22.5” / 572 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm


1 compartment reel

|- - - -|

22.5” / 572 mm

44.75” / 1137 mm

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