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MWS Mobile Wash Station

Mobile Wash Station


The Mobile Wash Station (MWS) provides a cost-effective solution for cleaning electrolyte and other residue from lift truck batteries. Extend the life of batteries and reduce electrical problems in forklifts by using this essential maintenance equipment regularly.

Both models of the MWS contain fork pockets for easily transporting the wash station to where workers need it. Dual anchor points allow the station to be secured during transport or permanently secured inside a facility.

The MWS-47 has poly lead rollers and friction strips from front to back. A clear, vinyl splash curtain keeps water inside the station.

The MWS-72 has a recycled polyethylene decking that is acid-resistant, non-conductive, and environmentally friendly. Non-skid steps and a 15-inch walkway provide easy access for workers, and a removable drain tray makes cleaning simple.

Washing forklift batteries is an essential part of warehouse maintenance. Simplify the process with BHS Mobile Wash Stations. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about Battery Wash Equipment or to find a local dealer.


  • Durable powder coat finish resists acid and scratches
  • Fork pockets for easy mobility*
  • Dual anchor points secure equipment during transport or to permanently secure equipment inside facility
  • Friction strips from front to back
  • Poly lead rollers with stainless steel shafts (three rows with two rollers per row)
  • Clear, vinyl drop-in splash curtain
  • 60” (1524 mm) side panel height
  • 32” (813 mm) rear top panel depth, hinged at mid-point


  • Durable powder coat finish resists acid and scratches
  • Fork pockets for easy mobility*
  • Anchor points secure equipment during transport
  • Wide, non-skid steps and 15″ (381 mm) walkway around wash deck for operator access to battery
  • Recycled, polyethylene decking is acid resistant, nonconductive, and environmentally friendly
  • Stainless steel drain tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Drain tray baffles reduce splashing
  • Standard 0.75” (19 mm) brass hose connection

* Not to be used while battery is on MWS

  • MWS-47
  • MWS-72