TT-966: Vacuum and Magnet Performance


Models Affected: All Extractors with vacuum or magnet extraction

Important tips to ensure the vacuum cup or magent are performing to their full potential.


BHS extractors with vacuum or magnet extraction make batttery changes quick and efficient. Poor vacuum or magnet performance can lead to diminished efficiency and amplified operator frustration from repeatedly re-attaching the vacuum cup or magnet to a battery during each change-out. Addressing the following items will help to optimize the vacuum or magnet extraction.


  • Proper Mounting - Magnets should be mounted so that they are parallel to the battery. Mounting hardware should be equally tightened so that the magnet pulls evenly so as not to pull one end away from the battery before the other. Vacuum cups should be mounted with a slight pitch to assist in releasing upon disengagement. Any damaged hardware should be replaced as it can prevent free movement of the cup resulting in uneven pulling. Reference Tech Tip TT-913 for more in-depth information on vacuum cup mounting. Tech Tip TT-949 addresses some possible issues with magnet mounting hardware.

  • Proper Maintenance - Magnetic fields are very shallow so any space created between the magnet and battery can substantially reduce the pulling power of the magnet. The face of the magnet should be kept clean of debris. Decals can also be removed from batteries to ensure the best connection. Vacuum cups should also be kept clean as debris on the cup could prevent a proper seal. Filters in the vacuum pump as well as any in-line filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Reference Tech Tip TT-927 for more information on cleaning the vacuum pump filters. Tech Tip TT-945 reviews the in line filters for vacuum systems.

  • Proper Alignment - Regardless of the system being used, proper alignment of the battery compartments is critical to ensure a smooth transfer. Reference Tech Tips TT-957 and TT-959 for additional information.

  • Battery Compartments - The condition of the compartment from which the battery is being pulled plays a significant role in the forces required for the transfer. Reference Tech Tip TT-965 for further information regarding battery compartments.

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