TT-927: Vacuum Pump and Filter Cleaning


TT-927 - VACUUM PUMP AND FILTER CLEANING Models Affected: All Models Equipped with Vacuum Extraction

Decreased performance of the vacuum pump due to dust accumulation inside the pump.


When operating in dirty or dusty environments, fine particulate can pass through the internal vacuum pump filters, causing a build up of dust inside the vacuum pump. This build up can cause the vacuum pump to operate inefficiently, eventually leading to complete loss of vacuum. This fine particulate can also clog the internal filters causing loss of vacuum.


If loss of vacuum occurs and all other vacuum system components are found to be in working order, then the vacuum pump can be carefully disassembled and cleaned.


  1. Remove the vacuum pump head.
    NOTICE: Use care not to damage the gasket.
  2. Remove the (2) foam filters from the head and clean using compressed air.
  3. Clean the valve plate with compressed air, careful not to damage the leaf valve or valve limiter.
  4. Reinstall the filters into the head and reassemble the vacuum pump.


Units built after January 1, 2010 are equipped with additional in-line filters. These filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to avoid dust build up inside the vacuum pump. The in-line filters may also be installed on units manufactured prior to 2010.

Contact the BHS Tech Support Department for more information regarding vacuum pump cleaning and/or in-line filters.

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