TT-913: Proper Vacuum Cup Mounting

TT-913: Proper Vacuum Cup Mounting
Models Affected: All BHS Units with Vacuum Extraction

Proper Vacuum Cup Mounting is Important for Efficient Operation as well as Reducing Risk of Damage


Loose, missing, or damaged vacuum cup mounting hardware can allow the vacuum cup to pull off-line or diagonally. This may cause the cup to disengage from the battery case during extraction creating lost time and unsafe situations. Improperly mounted hardware can also cause damage to the extractor arm as the stud threads can deform the inside of the mounting holes.


Vacuum cup hardware should be monitored daily as part of a daily inspection. Inspect for proper tightness. The springs should be snug without being compressed while allowing a 1/4” pitch to the vacuum cup. Also inspect for damaged or missing hardware and replace as required.

BHS offers two hardware kits. The HW-KIT-1 for Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) units with vacuum extraction contains (4) 4” studs and (8) springs along with the required nuts and washers for installation. The HW-KIT-2 for Operator Aboard Battery Extractor (BE) units with vacuum extraction contains (4) 5” studs and (12) springs as well as required nuts and washers. Proper installation of either kit requires that the studs be tightened securely into the vacuum cup or adapter plate (10” cups only). See photos below for proper installation of washers and springs. The nuts should then be installed and tightened until the springs are just tight enough that they cannot be moved by hand. The nuts on the lower studs should then be tightened additionally to supply a 1/4” forward pitch to the vacuum cup.

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