Signage and Posting Kits

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Set of nine OSHA compliant signs for industrial battery storage areas provides improved safety, notifies personnel of hidden dangers, and prevents accidents in the workplace.

Improve safety, notify personnel of hidden dangers, and prevent accidents in the workplace with the BHS Signage and Posting Kit (SP-1), which contains nine signs for display in the battery room. SP-1 also helps to clearly identify the location of emergency equipment for quick response. This kit is also available in Spanish.

SP-1 Contents:

  • PST-1008 Battery Spill Response Kit (12" x 28")
  • PST-1009 Personal Protective Kit (12" x 22")
  • PST-1010 Watch for Lift Trucks (12" x 15")
  • PST-1011 Battery Changing Area (12" x 15")
  • PST-1012 Broken - Do Not Use Needs Repair (8" x 9")
  • PST-1013 No Smoking (12" x 15")
  • PST-1014 Electrical Hazard (12" x 15")
  • PST-1015 Room Contains Energized Batteries and Corrosive Liquids (12" x 36")
  • PST-1016 Emergency Eye Wash (12" x 18")

Clear, concise warning signs prevent accidents, alert staff of potential dangers, and contribute to a safe and well-run warehouse. They also help warehouse managers comply with federal regulations. BHS provides Signage and Posting that can be purchased as a kit or individually.

All BHS signs come with an easy-to-clean laminated surface and double-sided tape affixed to the back. Signs can also be screwed into the wall if desired. Signs are printed on intermediate vinyl mounted on 020 THIN PVC. Large symbols help to overcome language barriers and brief, clear words ensure comprehension by those that can read.

Download the Signage brochure for more details and a closer look at available signs. Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to contact our sales team or to find a dealer near you.

Features & Benefits

  • Large symbols to overcome language barriers
  • Laminated surface is easy to clean
  • Intermediate vinyl mounted on 020 THIN PVC
  • Includes double-sided tape affixed to back of signs
  • Can be screwed into the wall
  • Each sign may be purchased individually
  • Aids in compliance with IFC 608.7, NFPA 1 Article 52.3.8, and NFPA 70E

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California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.