HVC-DB-CB Will Call Dropbox

Will Call Dropbox


Secure storage with one-time pass codes and optional IoT Integration.

Accept deliveries or share high-value items any time of the day or night with the BHS Will Call Dropbox. This secure steel cabinet provides full protection and unprecedented control of access, even after hours.

Each storage locker features an electronic lock, controlled by single-use key technology. Share a keycode with an authorized user for one-time entry; when the door closes, that code will expire. This system is ideal for overnight deliveries and asynchronous sharing of valuable property.

Optional smart locks bring IIoT solutions to secure storage. Assign client access through phones, RFID cards, and company computers, in person or remotely. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) models create timestamped access logs for later review.

This secure storage unit prevents attempted break-ins with heavy-duty, all-steel construction. A weatherproof powder coating and sloped roof make this unit fully suited for outdoor use. Battery-operated electronic locks omit the need for a nearby power supply. All storage lockers stand on elevated steel legs with pre-drilled mounting tabs for an added layer of security.

Options include three- or four-locker frontage, with two smaller chambers accessible through the side of the unit. Custom locker sizes and special unit sizing are available on request.

Learn more about the Will Call Dropbox and other high-value storage solutions from BHS by calling 1.800.BHS.9500.

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  • 3 or 4 forward-facing lockers depending on the selected model
  • 2 side-facing compartments have doors on either side of unit for easy access
  • Stands on 6 steel risers to protect contents
  • Integrated electronic locks offer one-time passcode capabilities
  • IoT-enhanced models give users total control and log access
  • 4-digit codes add a higher level of security
  • The sloped roof and a waterproof powder coating protects items from weather
  • All-steel construction resists attempts at entry
  • Ideal for overnight deliveries and off-site, multi-user storage for valuable items
  • HVC-124-24-5-DB (3 locker compartments in the front, 5 locker compartments total)
  • HVC-124-24-6-DB (4 locker compartments in the front, 6 locker compartments total)
  • HVC-124-24-5-DB-IIOT (3 locker compartments in the front, 5 locker compartments total equipped with IIOT Locks)
  • HVC-124-24-6-DB-IIOT (4 locker compartments in the front, 6 locker compartments total equipped with IIOT Locks)