CDL Contactless Delivery Locker

Contactless Delivery Locker


Limiting close contact between employees and visitors is key to reducing the spread of illness. The Contactless Delivery Locker provides a secure, dedicated space for receiving deliveries without face-to-face interactions.

This heavy-duty, indoor/outdoor parcel locker includes day-of-the-week labels on each compartment, allowing users to quarantine packages for 72 hours (or any length of their choosing) before touching them. Coordinate with delivery staff to provide a single-use passcode to a designated locker; once the delivery is complete, the compartment stays locked tight until you’re ready for retrieval.

Optional smart locks use the Industrial Internet of Things to provide access with RFID cards, cell phones, company computers, and other devices. Timestamped access logs provide a record for full transparency on use.

The Contactless Delivery Locker’s standard model includes three large forward-facing compartments and two long lockers at the base, but custom configurations are available on request. Contact the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about social distancing solutions for industry.

  • Contactless receiving for shipments
  • Lockers labeled by day for 72-hour package quarantine
  • Powder-coated steel with a sloped roof for outdoor use
  • Custom locker configurations
  • Sized for bulk shipments: 124” x 26.375” x 66.25”
  • Total capacity of 3,000 lbs
  • IIoT smart locks available
  • Self-powered with battery-operated electric locks
  • Single-use passcodes available for secure delivery
  • Bolt-down stand provides extra security
  • CDL-5 (5 Lockers)
  • CDL-6 (6 Lockers)
  • CDL-5-IIOT (5 Lockers Equipped with IIOT Locks)
  • CDL-6-IIOT (6 Lockers Equipped with IIOT Locks)