RSS-5K The Reel Sherpa™ Stacker

The Reel Sherpa™ Stacker


Safely store wire and cable reels without costly alterations to shelving or warehouse structures. The Reel Sherpa™ is an industrial steel stand for heavy-duty wire and cable reels of all types: wooden or steel, loaded or empty, anything up to 5,000 pounds. Pick up The Reel Sherpa with pallet jacks or lift trucks for quick location swaps — optional fork pockets provide even more security during travel.

More reliable than chocking and blocking, quicker than railroad ties or improvised blocks, Reel Sherpas provide dependable storage anywhere in the facility. Secure them to warehouse shelves or set them on the floor wherever you need instant reel access. Because they’re stackable, The Reel Sherpa occupies a small footprint in storage, and is quick to deploy for last-minute needs. These reel cradles are built for hard usage, with welded steel construction and a tough powder coating that resists damage from chemicals, abrasions, and impact.

To learn more about The Reel Sherpa and other Wire and Cable Handling solutions from BHS, call our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

  • 5,000 lbs capacity
  • All-steel construction with a durable powder coating
  • Ideal for warehouse shelving units of sufficient capacity and/or floor storage
  • More dependable than chocks and blocks for long-term storage
  • Heavy-duty stand provides reel storage while providing easy access for forklifts with at least 44” fork spread*
  • When not loaded, the Reel Sherpa Stacker can be moved and stacked via forklift
  • The Reel Sherpa Stacker’s low profile and stackability provide a small footprint when not in use to save valuable warehouse space
  • 56” W x 56” D x 8” H (7” height when stacked)

*If using a forklift with less than 44” spread, an Overhead Reel Lifter may be required. Sold seperately.

RSS-FP (Fork pockets)

RSC-5K (5,000 lb capacity)