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Battery Water Carts & Tanks

Battery Water Carts and Tanks make the essential task of watering forklift batteries more manageable by providing a mobile source of water. Routing hoses through shelving and other impediments is inefficient. Even worse, this practice can subject staff to ergonomic hazards as they bend and stretch to reach far-off battery cells. Instead, invest in an easily maneuverable Battery Water Cart or Tank that allows full access to batteries, wherever they are located.

BHS offers a range of watering products to best suit your fleet’s needs. Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to speak with our sales team or to find a dealer near you.

10 Gallon DC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-DC-KIT)

Mobile cart powered by rechargeable 12V battery. Includes Water Gun.

10 Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-10-KIT)

Portable cart with 13-foot power cord. Includes Water Gun.

20 Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart (WC-HYDRO-20-KIT)

Large cart with retractable 15-foot power cord. Includes Water Gun.

BE Mounted Water Tank (BE-WC-SS)

Sizable tank mounts directly to Operator Aboard Battery Extractors.

Battery Watering and Filling System Tank (FST-330)

330 Gallon Mobile Water Supply with Frame Mounted Pump

Forklift Battery Water Carts and Tanks Simplify an Important Maintenance Task

Forklift Battery Water Carts and Tanks make the crucial task of precise battery watering easy. Overwatering and underwatering can both lead to permanently decreased battery life. That translates to less time for productive work and more time charging and changing batteries. Watering batteries without a dedicated tank and Water Gun is also an ergonomic risk.

BHS manufactures battery watering equipment that solves both of these problems for fleets of all sizes. From the 10-gallon Mobile Bladder Tank to the Battery Extractor Mounted Water Tank, our products improve safety and efficiency during forklift battery watering tasks.

Learn More About BHS Battery Water Carts and Tanks

Ensure precision when you water batteries by investing in Forklift Battery Watering Devices from BHS. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about which BHS Water Cart or Tank is right for your fleet.