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BLB Battery Lifting Beam

Battery Lifting Beam


BHS Battery Lifting Beams are designed for integration with Gantry Cranes systems, or can be used in conjunction with a BHS Fork Attachment and forklift, for completing a safe and efficient solution for vertical-extraction battery handling applications. These Lifting Beams feature non-conductive hardwood construction with adjustable hook positions (fixed hooks are optional). Each lifting beam offers a convenient and efficient way to handle industrial forklift batteries, with a maximum capacity of 6,000 pounds.

Hook options (including a fixed position, Loadhog, Superhog, slide-latch and load-lok hooks) are available for applications in different settings, and adjustable hook positions allow for use with batteries of different lengths. Optional grab handles can provide a better grip when an operator needs additional control.

Whether you are using an overhead bridge crane or a lift truck, battery lifting devices from BHS provide the balance and support you need to handle industrial batteries safely.

Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 for more information or for a list of dealers in your area.

  • Non-conductive, hardwood construction
  • Multiple hook options available
  • Adjustable hook positions for use with multiple battery lengths
  • 6,000 lb capacity
Fixed Position Hook (BLB-FXD-HK)
Sets distance between hooks at a predetermined length, and is preferable when all batteries in fleet are approximately the same length
Grab Handle (BLB-HDL)
Provides an improved grip when additional control is needed, and is for use on one end only
  • BLB-6000 (Battery Lifting Beam, 45″ Overall Length)
  • BLB-6000-LHG (Battery Lifting Beam, 45″ Overall Length with Load Hog Hooks)
  • BLB-6000-LLH (Battery Lifting Beam, 45″ Overall Length with Load-Lok Hooks)
  • BLB-6000-SHG (Battery Lifting Beam, 45″ Overall Length with Super Hog Hooks)
  • BLB-6000-SLD (Battery Lifting Beam, 45″ Overall Length with Slide Latch Hooks)
  • BLB-6000-48 (Battery Lifting Beam, 52″ Overall Length)
  • BLB-6000-48-SLD (Battery Lifting Beam, 52″ Overall Length with Slide Latch Hooks)
  • BLB-6000-48-LLH (Battery Lifting Beam, 52″ Overall Length with Load-Lok Hooks)