Mobile Lift Tables

BHS Mobile Lift Tables raise or lower materials to a comfortable height for improved ergonomics and productivity. The portable workstations reduce physical strain, fatigue, and even injury by eliminating heavy lifting, bending, and reaching.

BHS offers three varieties of Mobile Lift Tables to fit specific needs. To determine the best model for your operation, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Mobile Lift Tables Improve Ergonomics in the Warehouse

Tasks that require repetitive motions cause fatigue and injury in a poorly designed workspace. Mobile Lift Tables improve ergonomics by vertically positioning loads at a comfortable height.

All models of these portable workstations have four corrosion-resistant urethane casters for increased mobility. Each Mobile Lift Table incorporates two swivel casters with brakes and two rigid casters to easily position units at the most productive locations.

Lift Tables can increase productivity in machine feeding, pallet loading, product assembly, and any task in which adjusting load height improves ergonomics. With a properly positioned workspace, staff will work faster and more safely.

Customize Mobile Lift Tables for Specific Jobs

BHS offers a number of customizations for all three models of Mobile Lift Tables.

  • Accordion Skirt Guard - This attachment encloses the underside of the table, protecting moving parts from dirt and other foreign objects.
  • Ball Transfer - This tabletop attachment uses fixed-balled transfers for easy load maneuvering.
  • Roller Conveyor - This tabletop attachment uses rollers to integrate with other handling equipment.

All BHS Lift Tables come standard with a durable powder coat finish and a yellow tabletop for high visibility. All mobile models have angled handles to easily maneuver tables through a busy warehouse.

Reap the benefits of properly positioned workstations by investing in BHS Mobile Lift Tables. For more information on any of these models, download a detailed PDF on the product page.

Our experienced sales staff can help determine which model works best for your operation. Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more or find a dealer near you.

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