Manual Mobile Dual Scissor Lift Table

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Manual Mobile Dual Scissor Lift Tables (MMLTD) are the portable ergonomic solution for many workplace demands, reducing the need for lifting, bending, and strain.

Manual Lift Tables speed up work, reduce strain and injuries, and help warehouses comply with federal safety regulations. The ergonomic positioning of work is a quick way to increase productivity, and the BHS Manual Mobile Dual Scissors Lift Table (MMLTD) makes that task simple.

The manual lift table has two rigid and two swivel-with-brake casters for smooth transportation. An angled handle with adjustable grip makes travelling with a load easy and comfortable. Users raise and lower the MMLT with a centralized toggle foot pedal.

The MMLTD offers a variety of options to get even more productivity gains from your lift table. Choose from two alternate tabletop attachments — Ball Transfer or Roller Conveyor — or talk to our Sales Team to discuss custom tabletop designs.

Having the right tabletop for the job helps workers complete tasks with ease. An optional Accordion Skirt Guard encloses the underside of the lift table and protects the lift mechanism from dirt and foreign objects.

For more information about the BHS Manual Mobile Dual Scissors Lift Table, call 1.800.BHS.9500. Our sales team can answer questions about customizing your lift table or direct you to a local dealer.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable powder coat finish with yellow tabletop to improve visibility and safety
  • Heavy-duty, formed steel construction for added reliability
  • Two swivel with brake and two rigid 4” (102 mm) corrosion-resistant urethane casters
  • Angled handle with adjustable grip for ease of movement and comfort while traveling with load
  • Maintenance retainers included for locking scissors
  • Durable, long life, steel cam rollers
  • Hydraulic components contained within the lift table for maximum safety, floor space, and convenience
  • Scissor legs designed for maximum lift height and collapsibility
  • Integral foot pedal for ambidextrous operation
  • Meets ANSI Standard MH29.1:2012 for Industrial Scissor Lifts and complies with LMPS

Available Models

  • MMLTD-750 (Dual Scissors 24″ x 36″ Platform, 750 lb Capacity)
  • MMLTD-1200 (Dual Scissors 24″ x 42″ Platform, 1,200 lb Capacity)
Accordion Skirt Guard (MMLT-ASG)*
Encloses underside of lift table, protecting the lift mechanism from dirt and foreign objects
Ball Transfer (MMLT-BT)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes fixed ball transfers to easily maneuver a load or for integration with other handling equipment
Roller Conveyor (MMLT-RC)*
Tabletop attachment utilizes rollers for integration with other handling equipment

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.