Cable Retractor

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This dedicated cable management tool improves safety and productivity in the forklift battery room. The "pogo" style cable retractor utilizes a heavy-duty spring with safety chain for added protection, and includes a cable clamp to suspend cables.

BHS Cable Retractors (CR) utilize a heavy duty spring with safety chain for added protection and includes a cable clamp to suspend the cables. Cable Retractors mount to the shelves of BHS Battery Stands or Charger Stands using pre-drilled mounting holes or to BHS Charger Wall Brackets using a Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket (sold separately). Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to find a dealer near you.

Secure Cable Management with BHS Cable Retractors

Keep charger cables out of high-traffic routes with a dedicated cable management tool designed for the battery room. BHS Cable Retractors (CR) improve safety while increasing productivity in battery charging areas. Once installed, the CR becomes a virtually maintenance-free cable handling system.

Between uses, a secure clamp holds cables high above aisles to protect staff and equipment. Pulling on the retractor arm extends the charging cable for easy attachment to a battery connector. When charging is complete, simply detach the cable — a heavy duty spring provides smooth, automatic cable retraction.

The BHS Cable Retractor provides a range of benefits for electric lift truck fleets of any size:

  • Safer Battery Charging Areas — Damaged cables expose workers to the risk of serious electrical shock. Common causes of cable damage include frequent kinking, repeatedly rubbing against sharp edges, and lift truck overruns. The BHS Cable Retractor keeps cables positioned safely, and because the retractor arm provides travel, cables are not exposed to friction or kinking stress. The result is a safer workplace with longer-lasting equipment.
  • Compliance With Federal Safety Regulations — OSHA 1910.178(g)(2) requires employers to provide methods "for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks." Standards developed for electric powered equipment in the construction industry make similar demands on employers; OSHA directive 1926.441(b)(2) states that the "charging apparatus shall be protected from damage by trucks." As a vital component of battery chargers, electrical cables could fall under these — and other — safety regulations.
  • Improved Productivity — Less time spent coiling cables leaves more time for battery maintenance tasks. When left unchecked, charger cables can quickly become disorganized, requiring workers to take time clearing them out of the way before completing essential tasks. BHS Cable Retractors organize the facility, providing instant cable management without requiring ongoing time investments.
  • Reduced Wear on Equipment and Battery Connectors — Bending, kinking, and pinching cables compresses conductors and insulation that safely carry amperage through equipment. Cable management systems prevent the frequent handling that can begin to break down electrical components. BHS Cable Retractors also help to prevent damage to battery connectors, preventing lateral stress and simplifying the disconnection process.

Integrating BHS Cable Retractors Into Your Battery Charging Area

Cable Retractors provides hassle-free integration into new or existing battery rooms, with a simple, single-point attachment system. All BHS Cable Retractors come complete with a threaded stud and matching nut, sized to mount directly to BHS Charger Stands or Battery Stands. To customize the placement of your BHS Cable Retractor, BHS offers a Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket (sold separately), which vastly expands the placement options for cable management systems.

To learn more about BHS Cable Retractors and other products in the extensive line of BHS Charger Accessories, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty spring with safety chain
  • Threaded mounting stud with nut




7 lb capacity

Supports up to 10' (3 m) of 2/0 charger leads

34″ (864 mm) long x 1″ (25 mm) diameter pole

7 lb capacity

Supports up to 10' (3 m) of 2/0 charger leads

50″ (1270 mm) long x 1″ (25 mm) diameter pole

17 lb capacity

Supports up to 25' (7.6 mm) of 2/0 charger leads

34″ (863 mm) long x 1″ (25 mm) diameter pole

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.