BHS, Inc. to Introduce Cable-Management Solutions, Electrical Equipment Carts at NECA 2018

Sept. 20, 2018 — Philadelphia, PA — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, will introduce labor-saving products for the electrical industry at the National Electrical Contractors Association 2018 Trade Show and Convention (NECA 2018) this September. The event marks BHS' entrance into the electrical material handling equipment market, which the company joins after nearly 40 years supplying ergonomic solutions to warehousing, construction, and manufacturing operations.

"We've always built tough, dependable equipment that makes the job safer and more efficient," said Melissa Bowen of BHS Marketing. "We're excited to bring our strengths to the electrical industry, and NECA is the perfect place to make our debut."

The BHS line of electrical equipment includes a comprehensive range of wire- and cable-management devices. For example, there's the hydraulic-powered Spool Winding Trolley, which automatically counts linear foot payout while filling reels. A Parallel Reel Payout provides bulk storage, transportation, and payout for cable. A combination of multi-compartment and free-spinning reels saves time during custom paralleling and order fulfillment. The company also offers a Wire Pull Cart for on-site wire management and Datacom Applications.

"We built our cable handling equipment for reliable service at every point along the supply chain, whether that's the supply house or the installation site," Bowen said. "Everything is powder-coated steel, designed for rough environments."

In addition to cable management equipment, BHS will showcase carts and storage devices for common electrical components. The company's Conduit Carrier Cart moves bulk loads of conduit through narrow aisles, while the Light Fixture Carts provide what might be the industry's first turnkey solution for handling large quantities of fragile light fixtures.

"The Industry Professionals we've talked to are really excited about [the Light Fixture Cart]," Bowen said. "They really hated unpacking fixtures one at a time on an install job, with all that cardboard everywhere. Now, they can just wheel a single cart through the site, grab a fixture, and get the job done."