PC Panel Carts

Panel Carts


BHS Panel Carts are ideal for transporting sheets and panels of material such as drywall, plywood, folding tables, office cubicle partitions, and rolled goods. All five models have a 1,000-pound capacity and are made of heavy-duty steel.

BHS Panel Carts feature a steel frame with a carpeted deck. This combination gives the cart a rugged durability, while preventing scratching and abrasions to materials. The Panel Cart securely transports materials ensuring that your product safely reaches its destination.

The cart features four 6-inch casters that allow the cart to be easily transported. Two of the casters swivel and two are rigid. Staff can maneuver anything from loads of drywall to slabs of granite by pushing the steel handles. To make loading and unloading simpler, the handles can be removed.

BHS inspects every product to ensure top-of-the-line quality. Our commitment to customer service and support continues after the sale of all BHS products with a 13-month guarantee against defective parts and workmanship. Our products have a reputation of quality and durability that we strive to protect.

Transport your valuable materials safely with a durable and secure Panel Cart. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about the Panel Cart and other ergonomic materials handling equipment like Sheet Material Racks.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for added reliability
  • Plywood deck is carpeted to protect load from scratching and abrasion
  • Removable handles make loading and unloading materials easier
  • Two rigid and two swivel 6” (152 mm) casters
  • Durable powder coat finish resists rust and scratches
  • PC-2448 (24” W x 48” L, 1,000 lb Capacity)
  • PC-3060 (30” W x 60” L, 1,000 lb Capacity)
  • PC-4048 (40” W x 48” L, 1,000 lb Capacity)
  • PC-4060 (40” W x 60” L, 1,000 lb Capacity)
  • PC-4590 (45” W x 90” L, 1,000 lb Capacity)