Manual Mobile Skid Tilter

The Manual Mobile Skid Tilter is an ergonomic work-positioning unit that tilts bulk containers toward workers, preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

The Manual Mobile Skid Tilter (MMST) is an ergonomic work-positioning unit operated entirely by hand. Users wheel the MMST into place, secure the brake, and lift and tilt loads on skids or, with the Straddle-design model, pallets and pallet bins. By tilting bulk containers toward the worker, Skid Tilters prevent a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders associated with bending at the waist, reaching, and repetitive motions.

Manual Mobile Skid Tilters include powder-coated steel forks and honed hydraulic cylinders with hardened chrome pistons, all mounted to a welded-steel frame These features greatly expand the MMST's load capacity over competing equipment; depending on the model, the MMST is safe for tilting loads of up to 4,000 pounds.

Premium phenolic casters and a pair of ergonomic push handles simplify travel, which does not require forklifts or other material handling equipment. This makes the Manual Mobile Skid Tilter ideal for applications that don't allow lift trucks, such as food production and some medical settings.

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Features & Benefits

  • Tilts bulk containers for greater productivity and ergonomic safety
  • Travels anywhere without need of forklifts or material handling equipment
  • Dual ergonomic push handles
  • Models available for skids and/or pallets
  • Fully customizable on request
  • Manual operation reduces maintenance
  • Foot-actuated hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Heavy-duty phenolic casters with brakes
  • Steel construction is ideal for industrial applications
  • Durable powder coating resists abrasion, acids, and oils
  • Tilts to a full 90° to improve access to bulk bins

Available Models

  • MMST2K-4034 (Fork over design, 2,000 lb capacity)
  • MMST2K-4024-S (Straddle design, 2,000 lb capacity)
  • MMST4K-4034 (Fork over design, 4,000 lb capacity)
  • MMST4K-4024-S (Straddle design, 4,000 lb capacity)

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.