Warehouse Education

Safety in the battery room and warehouse is no accident. Workplace accidents affect everyone’s bottom line. One key to prevention is education for all personnel. It’s always important to initially train and educate personnel about the policies, equipment, and operations in your facility, but education shouldn’t stop there. Sometimes continued training is a legal requirement, but more often than not it’s just best practice. Education and training are vital to fostering a strong safety culture and ultimately to preventing accidents, violations, and equipment failures in any facility.

A fundamental safety measure is posting appropriate signage to warn personnel of potential dangers, to clearly identify the location of emergency equipment, and to keep safety top-of-mind. Make sure personnel understand the potential hazards that exist in your facility and appropriate conduct to minimize risk. Knowing how to respond in an emergency is just as important as preventing accidents. Have a plan and educate personnel on proper emergency response – and review it frequently.

Most of the time equipment failures can be prevented. Train employees on proper equipment operation through use of manuals, videos, and demonstration. Stress the importance of daily checklists and planned maintenance to keep equipment in tip-top shape. With proper education, your business can run like a well-oiled machine, minimizing down-time.

Luckily, education doesn’t always have to be lengthy or costly and there are tools readily available on the web. BHS has you covered with our extensive Library, offering product literature, operational videos, Tech Tips, and more to help users better understand and use our products. BHS also offers online resources specific to the Battery Room including a downloadable guide to Best Practices and links to OSHA regulations. These resources are all conveniently formatted for use on all platforms and devices and available 24/7 at BHS1.com. The BHS Library will help your team stay at the top of their game.