TT-960 AcidSorb Pillows for Drip Pans

Tech Tip-960: AcidSorb Pillows for Drip Pans Models Affected: All Battery Stands with Drip Pans

Safer and simpler drip pan maintenance


As discussed in Tech Tip TT-908, proper drip pan maintenance is imperative to increase drip pan and stand longevity and protect battery room personnel from hazardous conditions. Drip pans are in place to catch and contain any battery boil-over produced during charging as well as acidic water draining from a battery transferred to the stand after washing or watering. If not monitored and maintained, the drip pans can become over-filled leading to damage to the pans, stands and battery room floor, as well as creating a hazardous environment for battery room personnel. In order to simplify drip pan maintenance, BHS now offers AcidSorb Pillows (ASP).


AcidSorb Pillows can be placed in drip pans to immediately absorb and neutralize spills. The pillows provide a visible color change from yellow or orange, depending on acidity of spill, to purple, indicating complete neutralization to a safe pH range. The color change makes it simple to identify and replace pillows which have reached their capacity. When absorbed into the pillow, spills are solidified and contained in the pillow, protecting the pans from corrosion damage. This also eliminates the potential for spills onto the stands and floor as well as eliminating hazardous vapors. The pillows are lightweight, high capacity, fast absorbing, and will not burn, reducing potential fire hazards. Two sizes are available for tiling inside of drip pans to effectively cover the area.


AcidSorb Pillows are available in 12” x 12” (ASP-12) and 22” x 22” (ASP-22) and are sold in cases of eight. For more information contact BHS or your local BHS Dealer.

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