TT-908: Drip Pan Maintenance

Tech Tip-908: Drip Pan Maintenance

Models Affected: All Battery Stands with Drip Pans

Proper Drip Pan Maintenance is Required to Increase Drip Pan and Stand Longevity and Protect Battery Room Personnel from Hazardous Conditions.

During charging, batteries which were overfilled during watering may “boil over” causing acid to spill out of the vent caps and run down into the battery case or down the sides of the battery. Washed batteries which were not allowed to dry sufficiently may have residual acidic water drain from the case when transferred from the wash cabinet to the battery stand. The drip pans are designed to catch and contain any battery overflow or drainage. However, if not maintained, the drip pan may become full enough that the contents can splash out or overflow from the pan. If not addressed, the water will evaporate; the acid will not. The remaining concentrations of highly acidic residue will cause severe corrosive damage to the pans, stands, and battery room floor, resulting in a hazardous environment for battery room personnel.

Clean and neutralize drip pans on a regular basis to minimize potential problems and increase drip pan longevity. Use of absorbents such as cat litter, baking soda and absorbent pads does not eliminate the need to regularly clean and neutralize drip pans. Dispose of any materials used to absorb or neutralize the acid according to local, state, and federal guidelines. To aid in the maintenance and cleaning of the drip pans as well as stands and other battery handling equipment, BHS offers an Equipment Cleaning Kit (P/N ECK-4) for cleaning and neutralizing acid residue build-up.

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