TT-955: Supplemental Hose Kit Availability

Tech Tip-955
Models Affected: Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Models BE-SL, DS, TS, QS

Hydraulic hose failures are never predictable. Even with proper maintenance and daily inspections, hose failures are nearly impossible to forecast. When a hose fails, the Battery Extractor is our of service until the hose can be replaced. Without a replacement hose on hand, this could lead to several hours - or even days - of downtime, especially if the failure occurs after normal operating hours.


To minimize downtime due to breakdown, having spare parts on hand is very important. Having a full set of hydraulic hoses available for the Battery Extractor would prevent extended downtime in the case of hose failure but can be cost prohibitive. BHS now offers supplemental hose kits for all of our standard Operator Aboard Battery Extractors. The supplemental hose kits contain an assortment of hoses allowing any hose on the extractor to be replaced immediately with a temporary hose of equal length or longer. When the extractor is back up and running, the failed hose can be taken to have an exact replacement made. Once the exact hose is made, the temporary replacement can be returned to the kit for future use. With the supplemental hose kit, every hose on the extractor can be replaced if failure occurs, but at a significantly lower cost than having a complete set of hoses on hand. Click here for more information on the new supplemental hose kits.

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