Safety Signage

BHS supplies safety signage and label kits to help facilities comply with IFC 608.7, NFPA 1 Article 52.3.8, and NFPA 70E regulations.

Signage and Posting Kit (SP-1)

Protect & Prevent with the Signage & Posting Kit

Improve safety, notify personnel of potential dangers, comply with regulations and prevent accidents in the workplace with the Signage and Posting Kit (SP-1), which contains nine signs for display in the battery room. SP-1 also helps to clearly identify the location of emergency equipment for quick response. Read more.

label kit

Replace Damaged Labels

Warning labels and placards are important parts of any machine and should not be overlooked during regular maintenance. They should be legible at all times, with worn or damaged labels replaced as soon as possible. Contact BHS for the label replacement kit for your equipment. Read more in Tech Tip-940.