BHS Raises the Bar for Ergonomic Lifting

BHS launches multiple series of lift tables in an expansion of its warehouse equipment line.

St. Louis, MO – In early August, Battery Handling Systems, Inc., or BHS, launched several series of lift tables in mobile and stationary models with powered and manual lifting mechanisms. Lift tables are used to improve ergonomics in a warehouse, assembly, or other production application. They are intended to reduce physical strain on personnel that can be caused by repeated bending, lifting, pulling, and turning. The BHS lift tables series were introduced to complement BHS’s current warehouse equipment offerings.

The market for lift tables is large and there are a lot of competitors. BHS Marketing Manager, Katy Cortinovis, says that BHS was undaunted by this fact. “There are a lot of manufacturers and brands, but they all seem to be lacking the quality that we know we can provide,” she says, “We see lift tables as an area of material handling with a lot of room to improve. When we chose to create our own line of lift tables, we had to make sure that we could actually put out a better product, rather than just be another name in the industry. We conducted intensive research and development and are proud to bring our reputation for quality to this part of the industry.”

Ms. Cortinovis continues discussing the difference between BHS lift tables and those of competitors, “The BHS edge is that our products add ease of use and maintenance on top of trusted quality. Some competitors’ products require actually cutting apart the equipment to perform certain maintenance and service tasks. We feel that is unacceptable and have made sure that all of our lift tables are easy to maintain and service and that all components are easily replaceable. We’ve brought a product line that offers the durability and reliability we are known for and goes beyond the industry standards. “

In addition to the models currently available, Ms. Cortinovis says that BHS is continuing to research and develop lift table models for future release and can customize current offerings, “Like all of our other equipment, we can make non-standard versions of our lift tables to meet our customers’ needs. We do have plans to expand our line of lift table products, but our dedication to engineering quality and craftsmanship means we won’t release anything until we are sure it is the best product we can offer and the best product on the market.”

BHS Mobile Lift Tables come in Powered (PMLT), Manual (MMLT), and Self-Leveling (SMLT) models. The various models of Mobile Lift Tables are capable of handling loads up to 1,200 lb. and can raise a load as high as 79”. Mobile Lift Tables conveniently place assistance exactly where it is needed at any time. The stationary Scissor Lift Tables (SLT) can handle loads as heavy as 6,000 lb. and reach a maximum height of 42”. They are designed to be integrated into a production line and have a variety of accessories to aid in material handling.