BHS, Inc. Introduces Mobile System for Cleaning Forklift Batteries

August 31, 2018 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc, a leading provider of forklift battery handling equipment and warehouse solutions, now offers a mobile cleaning system for forklift batteries. The BHS Battery Wash Cabinet Kit (BWC-1-M-KIT) enables on-site battery washes, eliminating the time and expense required for transporting batteries to and from separate maintenance facilities.

"Many electric forklift users rely on dealers or maintenance services to wash their batteries," said Melissa Bowen, of BHS Marketing. "Traditionally, that required costly pickup and delivery programs. The BWC Kit removes the whole logistical problem from the equation."

The BWC-1-M-Kit consists of three units: One clean-water tank, which includes a wash pump and an auxiliary hand-spray wand; one 330-gallon mobile tank for dirty water; and a Battery Wash Cabinet, model BWC-1-M. BWC-1-M-Kit Forklift Battery Wash Cabinet

This modular design makes it easy for service providers to wash forklift batteries at customer facilities, carting away contaminated wastewater upon completion, Bowen said.
"One of the biggest hurdles to washing your own forklift batteries is dealing with the runoff," Bowen said. "It's considered hazardous waste. You can't just pour it down the drain, so we needed to give our customers a way to handle all that wastewater in a safe and responsible way."

Users load a truck with the full clean water tank, the wash cabinet, and an empty wastewater tank. At the customer's facility, they quickly connect both tanks to the cabinet using cam-and-groove connections. As the BWC automatically washes batteries, dirty water collects in the post-wash tank. On completion, users load up and remove the whole kit, ultimately treating the wastewater for reuse or disposal.

"This can be a real value for providers of battery maintenance services and fleet-owners at the same time," Bowen said.