BHS Adds Parallel Reel Payout to Growing Warehouse Equipment Line

The Parallel Reel Payout allows safer storage and management for cables in the warehouse.

St. Louis, MO – In late 2014, Battery Handling Systems, Inc., or BHS, introduced another piece of their growing warehouse equipment line. The Parallel Reel Payout (PRP) is designed to provide storage and management for up to five different cables or wires in several reel combinations. BHS PRPs are designed for high-capacity cable storage and ensure that cables will not become tangled during payout.

The PRP is a large reel with separate compartments for each type of cable. The units can be configured as five independently spinning compartments or three different combinations of independent compartments and multiposition, joined compartments, depending on the customer’s requirements. The compartments all have predrilled arbor holes to accommodate a variety of wire gauges (.75”-1.12”).

All BHS PRPs are engineered for a maximum capacity of 5,000 lb. They also feature safety locks on each compartment to prevent the compartments from spinning when stored and to allow payout from a single compartment at a time. The smooth-spinning, solid steel center shaft allows for continual payout and features high-density polyethylene strips to slow wear on the components. Fork pockets on all four sides of the PRPs allow them to be maneuvered to the exact positioning needed using a pallet jack or a forklift truck. For manual positioning, BHS offers optional locking casters made of corrosion-resistant urethane and an additional floor lock for extra security.

PRPs allow cables to be effectively managed and stored without tangling to help maintain a safe workspace. With PRPs, cables are neatly stored and payout is controlled to prevent tangles and accidents. The BHS PRPs are made of heavy-duty formed steel and feature powder coat paint for extra durability. All PRPs are made at the BHS manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO.