TT-964: Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Magnet Mount Update

Tech Tip-964

Models Affected: BE models with magnet extraction (not including SS or MS units)

Battery Extractor (BE) magnet mount design has been updated. As of November 2014, the magnets are now mounted on independent bearing assemblies. The new mounting design reduces the number of parts in the assembly, increases the simplicity of the assembly, and adds durability and reliability.


The previous magnet mount had the magnets mounted on each end of a common shaft which ran through the arm. The assembly contained four screws which tensioned the magnets on the shaft. Previous Tech Tip #949 explains the importance of properly maintaining these “load adjusters”. If the load adjusters become loose, the magnets are allowed to fall forward which can lead to damage of the magnets or magnet components. The new mounting design eliminates the shaft assembly and all of its associated parts, including the load adjusters, thus reducing the maintenance requirements.


The new design mounts each magnet directly to its own bearing assembly which is mounted to the extractor arm. The assembly is greatly simplified, increasing reliability while decreasing required maintenance. The wiring to the magnets has also been simplified, eliminating potential points of failure. Both magnets are now wired directly to the terminal block inside the arm, eliminating the junction box on top of the arm along with the nine wire connections it contained.


The old style mounting on BE units with magnet extraction manufactured prior to November of 2014 can be updated. Part kits are available. Contact BHS Tech Support at the number listed below or your local dealer for additional information.

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