TT-940: Labels and Label Kits

Tech Tip-940
Models Affected: All

Warning labels and placards are important parts of any machine and should not be overlooked during regular maintenance. Warning labels and placards should be legible at all times and worn or damaged labels should be replaced as soon as possible. In some instances, missing or illegible labels could result in equipment being shut down until the labels are replaced.


BHS uses various types of labels and placards to convey potential hazards as well as important equipment specifications, such as capacity. Reference previous Tech Tip TT-926, “Warning Labels and Placards” for more information regarding the use and meaning of the labels and placards used by BHS.


Any worn, damaged, missing or illegible labels should be replaced as soon as possible. BHS has label kits available for all models. Click here to find the Label Replacement Kit for your equipment or contact BHS for more information.

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