TT-928: Float Switch and Sump Pump Kits

Tech Tip-928
Models Affected: All Wash Equipment

Improvements to BHS wash equipment components provides increased durability, reliability, and serviceability.


The Recirculation/Neutralization System (RNS)* units now come standard with a new and improved float switch which reduces blockages and lasts longer. With an enclosed float and sealed electromagnetic switch, the new float switch offers greater reliability and durability. The new float switch is available in various kits to replace the previous switch and can be used in standard wash stations such as the Hardwood Wash Station (HWS)/Rollwer Wash Station (RWS) or Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC) applications.

In addition to the upgraded float switch, an externally mounted sump pump is now standard equipment on BWC units. The new pump is more durable, and the external mounting offers improved serviceability over the previously internally mounted sump pump.

*The float switch and sump pump are components of the RNS unit despite being located inside the wash cabinet.


BHS offers kits to update older units to the new float switch and/or sump pump. For information on these and all of our available parts kits, please visit BHS1.COM. Parts kit information can be found in the Library under Technical Literature.

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