TT-902: Moving an Inoperable Battery Extractor

Tech Tip-902: Moving an Inoperable Battery Extractor
Models Affected: All Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

Proper Procedure for Moving a Battery Extractor without AC Power to Energize the Machine


It may be necessary to move the Battery Extractor when AC power is unavailable. This could be due to a lack of AC power at the time of install, a problem with the AC power feed, or other such instances. Regardless of the circumstances, special precautions must be taken in order to ensure no damage occurs to the drive wheel motors. DO NOT push the Battery Extractor once it is removed from the shipping skid. Pushing the battery extractor may damage the drive motor seals; thus voiding the warranty.


Raise the drive wheels so that they do not contact the floor. The drive wheels are typically located at the operator’s end of the machine. Using a forklift to raise this end of the machine while moving the Battery Extractor will prevent damage to the drive wheel motors. If the machine was moved improperly and damage has occurred, replacement of the hydraulic motors may be necessary.

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