PRP-TRL Parallel Reel Payout Trailer

Parallel Reel Payout Trailer


The Parallel Reel Payout Trailer (PRP-TRL) is a turnkey solution for dispensing cable at the installation site. The PRP-TRL consists of two to three rotating, PRP-1’s (Parallel Reel Payout units with One Single Reel and One 4-Position Reel) mounted on a single trailer. Customizable arrangements of free-spinning and multi-compartment reels are available on request. Simply preload the job’s required cable, hitch the trailer to a truck, and haul it to the work site.

Lock the trailer in place and rotate PRP units to face the direction of cable pulls. With two to three payout devices on a single frame, the PRP-TRL allows construction electricians to complete multiple pulls and on-site cable paralleling with a single, all-purpose solution. Turntable bases allow users to pull cable in any of 360 degrees, all without moving the trailer to reach different conduit systems.

Parallel Reel Payouts simplify cable pulls with smooth payout and precise control over multiple reels. Lock unwanted compartments while freely pulling the desired cable, or pull several cables at once. Custom reel designs allow users to configure the PRP for specific jobs.

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  • Complete, turnkey solution for on-site cable pulls
  • Two to three heavy-duty steel Parallel Reel Payout units mounted on a trailer
  • Turntable bases allow PRP units to face any direction without moving the trailer
  • Custom sets of fixed and free-spinning reels available
  • Individual hub locking prevents unwanted payout
  • Designed to fit inside enclosed tractor trailers for long haul transport
  • Overall trailer dimensions vary per model
  • PRP-TRL-14 (2 PRP-1’s on a 14′ L x 98″ W trailer. 14,500 lb capacity.)
  • PRP-TRL-22 (3 PRP-1’s on a 22′ L x 98″ W trailer. 14,500 lb capacity.)
  • PRP-TRL-24 (3 PRP-1’s on a 24′ L x 98″ W trailer. 32,000 lb capacity.)