DRPA Dyna Reel Platform Attachment

Dyna Reel Platform Attachment


The Dyna Reel Platform Attachment (DRPA) is a portable reel-roller platform that transforms lift trucks of sufficient capacity into full-service payout solutions. Secure DRPA-FP fork attachments to industrial truck forks to lift, transport, reposition, and ultimately pay out cable resources from reels of any size.

Choose model DRPA-PJ to obtain the same benefits with existing pallet jacks.

Full mobility makes the Dyna Reel Platform Attachment a powerful solution for low-cost cable payout at installation sites. These units are also ideal in electrical material distribution centers, where they provides highly flexible cable handling for stock and take-up reels.

All models of Dyna Reel are compatible with BHS spool-winding solutions, including Spool Winding Trolleys and Spooling Caddies. Together, this equipment allows users to fill reels for delivery or shipment to construction locations while limiting risk and significantly speeding up the process.

Call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to discuss the options available with Dyna Reel Attachments, as well as other cable management solutions for the electrical industry.

*Dyna Reel Platforms must be lowered to ground level before use. Choose the optional Tie Down Kit to secure reels during transit.

  • Safe, efficient payout and spooling for cable reels of all sizes
  • Mounted on fork pockets for lift trucks or pallet jacks
  • Tie down reels for transport
  • Creates a full-service, mobile payout solution with forklifts or pallet jacks
  • Choose front roller stops with a usable width of 32 5/16” or 37 ⅝”
  • Secure, portable cable payout, loading, and transportation for reels
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists scratches, abrasion, chemicals, and acids
  • Base design avoids contact with cable, preventing damage to resources
  • Compatible with Spool Winding Trolleys and Spooling Caddies for full-service cable handling
Tie Down Kit (DRP-TDK)
Allows users to firmly secure reel axles to the base of the unit for added security during use. Includes a pair of tie-down assemblies with bearings and 2 eye bolts each, 4 eye bolts for the base, and 4 ratchet straps
  • DRPA-36-FP (Dyna Reel Attachment with fork pockets for use with standard lift truck)
  • DRPA-36-PJ (Dyna Reel Attachment with fork pockets for use with pallet jack)