Why A-Frame Gantries Are Best for Vertical Forklift Battery Extraction

A-frame Gantry Cranes are the safest and most efficient way to vertically remove forklift batteries from trucks. While it's certainly possible to remove a battery from a forklift with a second lift truck, or even to use a modified hydraulic engine hoist to replace a forklift battery, only Gantries designed specifically for the unique working traits of forklift batteries can safely and efficiently complete forklift battery changes, shift after shift.

That's because a forklift battery room with an integrated Gantry Crane and Hardwood Battery Stations creates benefits that other technologies lack. These advantages include:


      A defined travel path.

      The great thing about forklifts is that they can go anywhere. When you're lifting a 2,000-pound forklift battery, though, that advantage quickly turns into a detriment. Batteries suspended from lift truck forks by chains tend to sway and lurch dangerously. The defined travel path and gentle movements of a Powered Gantry Crane eliminate these dangers.



      A more organized battery room.

      Organization is the key to productivity, but it's difficult to organize forklift battery rooms when there isn't an established system in place. Most operators that change forklift batteries with modified lifting equipment are just making it up as they go along. This inevitably leads to efficiency losses.


      Single-worker battery changes.

      Typically, changing forklift batteries with other lift trucks requires two operators. Gantry Crane Systems, on the other hand, allow a single operator to park the truck in the designated area, safely remove the forklift battery, and replace it with a fresh one, all while the second worker remains productive in the aisles.


      Safer, more efficient change-outs.

      Through the above benefits and others, Gantry Crane Systems reduce change-out times, leading to a leaner operation with more time for revenue-generating tasks. Meanwhile, the dedicated equipment reduces the likelihood of dropping a battery, protecting workers from impact and escaped electrolyte alike.


A-Frame Gantry Crane Systems in the Forklift Battery Room

To get the most out of a Gantry Crane, of course, the entire battery room must be set up for quick changes. A complete basic system would include the Gantry Crane and Lifting Beam, of course, but it would also require one of two options: A Single Guidance Track to move the Gantry up and down the line, or a Floor Mount for stationary systems.

Install Hardwood Battery Stations in a line on one side of the room, and create a forklift lane for the actual change (Structural Barriers help with this.) A clean, organized battery room like this can take the guesswork out of vertically replaced forklift batteries. In the end, that will save time and reduce accidents and injuries. Gantry Cranes from BHS are designed specifically for the battery room, and no shortcuts can compete.

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