Visual Learners Rejoice

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners1? That means as many as 65% of your team will learn more easily by watching videos and live demonstrations in addition to reading a manual. In the same way that you recognize each team member has different talents, it is important to recognize that each team member has a different learning style. When considering which resources to use in your education and training plans, you can accommodate all learning styles. Visual learners require resources beyond written materials. They benefit most from watching videos, live demonstrations, and graphic presentations.

BHS is committed to helping you increase productivity by accommodating the various learning styles of your team members. We have just released seven Operational Videos to help your team utilize your BHS equipment. These videos are available 24/7 through our online Library, are optimized for use on both desktop and mobile platforms, and are an excellent supplement to the BHS product manuals. The videos are beneficial for your entire team, but will be particularly useful for visual learners.

1 Bradford, William C., Reaching the Visual Learner: Teaching Property Through Art (September 1, 2011). The Law Teacher Vol. 11, 2004. Available at SSRN: