TT-975: Battery Room Safety - Spill Kits

TT-975 Spill Kits

Affected: All Forklift Battery Rooms and Charging Areas

According to several safety agencies, spill control is a necessity in any battery room. BHS offers a wide variety of complete spill kits as well as absorbents and neutralizing compounds to ensure compliance.


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration states: “Facilities shall be provided for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte, for fire protection, for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, and for adequate ventilation for dispersal of fumes from gassing batteries”. (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(g)(2))

The International Fire Code states: “An approved method and materials for the control and neutralization of a spill of electrolyte shall be provided in areas containing lead-acid, nickel-cadmium or other types of batteries with free-flowing liquid electrolyte. For purposes of this paragraph, a “spill” is defined as any unintentional release of electrolyte”. (IFC 608.5)

The National Fire Protection Association states: “An approved method to neutralize spilled electrolyte shall be provided.” and, “The method shall be capable of neutralizing a spill from the largest lead–acid battery to a pH between 7.0 and 9.0.” (NFPA 1 Chapter 52.3.5.)


BHS Battery Spill Kits contain everything needed to meet safety requirements in a safe, compact, easy-to-use, fast acting package. Kits contain personal protective equipment, chemical socks for containment, pillows, pads and neutralizing sorbent for absorption and neutralization, as well as bags, broom and dustpan for cleanup and disposal. Everything you need to meet safety requirements. Every battery charging area should contain a Battery Spill Kit, which should be strategically placed to ensure a quick, effective response in the event of an acid spill.


Additional information on the available spill kits as well as details to determine which spill kit would be right for your application can be found at our website. Contact BHS or your local BHS Dealer for more information.

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