TT-972: BTC Caster Alignment

TT-972 BTC Caster Alignment
Models Affected: All BTC models (non track-mounted)

Properly aligning the front rigid casters on BTC units is necessary to ensure ease of movement as well as maximizing caster life.

Though the front casters on the BTC models are rigid mounted casters, the mounting holes to secure the casters to the frame are slightly oversized. This can lead to some variance in the angle at which the casters are mounted. If not properly aligned at the time of installation, one or both casters could “pull” to one side or the other causing the outer frame to spread apart and then “pop” back to normal. This increases the effort required to manuever the BTC and could also result in premature wear to the casters as well as potential frame damage due to prolonged misalignment.

When replacing the rigid casters of a BTC, part of the procedure must be to test the unit to ensure proper alignment. To test the alignment, load a battery onto the BTC, raise the flipstop to secure the battery and maneuver the BTC in a straight line both forward and back. Ten to fifteen feet should be sufficient to determine if the wheels are properly aligned. If while pushing the unit one leg of the frame pulls to one side and then pops back, alignment will need to be adjusted.

To adjust casters which are found out of alignment, loosen the mounting hardware and rotate the caster mount in the opposite direction the caster pulled while rolling forward. Though it is not necessary to unload the battery to make the adjustment, the adjustment can be made easier without the load. Once the adjustment is made re-test the travel of the unit as described above. Continue to adjust and re-test until the casters are aligned and the unit rolls easily with no “popping”.

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