TT-971: Wash Cabinet Timer Settings

TT-971-BWC-Timer-Settings Models Affected: BWC-2 and BWC-3

The BWC control box, depending on model and options, can contain up to three timer relays. All three are set from the factory but can be adjusted, if necessary, by simply turning the dial to the desired setting.


The door delay timer, available on the BWC-2 only, delays both the door opening and the start of blow-off cycle once the wash cycle has completed. This allows the battery to drain inside the cabinet before being transferred to the rack, minimizing the amount of excess water draining from the battery onto the floor, extractor, and battery stands. The door delay is set at 2 minutes from the factory.

The neutralization cycle timer, available on units with the BWC-NC (Neutralization Cycle) option, sets the length of time that neutralizer is injected into the wash cycle to maintain proper pH balance. If the wash water pH is consistently low, requiring additional manual neutralization, the time should be gradually increased. If the pH is consistently above 9, the time should be decreased. The timer is set at 15 seconds from the factory.

The wash cycle timer sets the time of the wash cycle, when water is being sprayed onto the battery. The wash cycle time is set at 45 seconds from the factory.


The door delay and wash cycle timers have a “range” setting which defines the segment of time that the dial labels represent. It is adjustable to one second (1S), one minute (1M), ten seconds (10S) or ten minutes (10M). The numerical range of the dial on these timers can also be adjusted using the center setting screw. One or both of these may need to be adjusted, along with the dial setting, to reach the desired time.

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