TT-961: BTC Brakes

Tech Tip-961: BTC Brakes Models Affected: All BTC Models

Proper use of the Battery Transfer Carriages (BTC) floorlock and vector brakes.


All BTC models utilize two different braking systems. On the left and right of the carriage are the vector brakes. At the rear of the carriage is one or two floorlocks, depending on the size of the carriage. BTC-18 and BTC-24 models will have one floorlock. Larger units will have two floorlocks.


The floorlock(s) on the BTC are simply “parking brakes” and should only be used to secure the BTC when it is left unattended. Locking the floorlock(s) in place to secure the BTC during battery transfer could result in damage to the floorlock(s) and possible loss of load if failure occurs.

The vector brakes are designed to prevent backwards movement of the BTC while transferring a battery from the BTC into a lift truck or battery stand and should only be utilized when doing so. The vector brake will allow the BTC to move forward so use of the vector brakes while pulling a battery into the BTC will result in the BTC being pulled to the lift truck or battery stand. Once the battery is in the carriage and the vector brakes are under load the BTC may be immovable and the vector brakes unable to be disengaged.


Refer to the BTC manual for full operating instructions for performing a battery transfer with a BTC model carriage. Replacement manuals are available if needed. The BTC manual is part # IOP-050. Contact the BHS Tech Support Department or your local BHS Dealer for more information.

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